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London, April 3: Singer Elton John, who will exchange wedding vows with partner David Furnish in May, says that they will "celebrate" the law allowing same-sex marriage with their marriage.

John and Furnish entered into a civil partnership back in 2005 but want to make it official now that same-sex marriage is legal in England.

"I'm very proud of my country and I'm very proud of Britain and the laws that we've seen come into existence since we've been together," quoted John as saying.

"So for this legislation to come through is joyous, and we should celebrate it. We shouldn't just say, 'Oh, well, we have a civil partnership. We're not going to bother to get married.' We will get married," he added.

John believes it's a duty to marry now that it's legal. "Because it's taken so long to come into existence, we should be grateful."

The 67-year-old singer is also excited that their three-year-old son Zachary and 14-month-old son Elijah will be present at the upcoming nuptials.

"We will do it very quietly," John told the Today show.

He added: "It will be a joyous occasion and we will have our children there. Extraordinary. If you'd looked at my life five years ago and you'd have told me this was going to happen, I'd have said, 'You've put acid in my drink.'"


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