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Los Angeles, April 10: Actor David Belle, infamously known as the originator of Parkour, a street action-stunt style, is considering a visit to India to promote "Brick Mansions", the late Paul Walker's last movie.

The movie is being distributed by PVR Pictures in India April 25, and they have requested Belle to visit the country. The actor says he "would absolutely love coming to India".

"As a matter of fact I have been approached by the Indian partners of my film 'Brick Mansions' to come down, and I am definitely considering the option trying to work it in my schedule either right before the release of 'Brick Mansions', or right after," said a statement.

He would also love to interact with Indian fans of the Parkour form of action.

"'Brick Mansions' is a perfect way to reach out to everybody out there, and the film is extremely special. I am very keen to make a visit, now let's hope it works out," he added.

While Belle is going to China for now, PVR Pictures is already underway arranging his visit here.

A huge premiere of the movie is also likely.

"Brick Mansions" explores the unique and visually appealing world of Parkour action.

A remake of the French action film "District 13", which also starred Belle in the role, is a crime-thriller based intrinsically around the art of Parkour.


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