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London, April 7: An American student has stung himself on the genitals using a bee to see where in the whole body it stings the most.

Michael Smith, Cornell University, has found that the worst place to be stung by a bee would be in the nostril, the Mirror reported.

The post-graduate student, who is studying bee behaviour, said that if one has to choose to be stung between in the nose and the penis, they would want to be stung on the penis, as getting stung on the nose is a whole body-experience.

He took agitated bees in forceps and applied them to 25 different areas of his body and then rated the resulting pain from zero to ten, while being stung thrice on each are.

Smith's study has revealed that the more delicate parts of the body do not react as badly to bee stings compared to areas where one might expect the skin to be thicker and less sensitive.

The study has been published in scientific journal PeerJ. (ANI)

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