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Washington, Mar.11: It is rare that a Vodka hangover can save someone's life but in a rare incidence, a Maltese terrier named Charlie was saved when the vets pumped Vodka straight into the doggie's stomach after he licked the antifreeze off the floor of his owner's garage.

Owner Jacinta Rosewarne observed that his dog was diagnosed with Ethylene Glycol poisoning and was acting strange and therefore, rushed him to the nearby Animal Accident and Emergency hospital in Melbourne, Australia, ABC News reported.

The vets pumped vodka straight into the doggie's stomach in multiple doses to the point where Charlie was shaking.

Rosewarne told The Herald Sun that Charlie was stumbling around and he tried to pat him but the dog pushed him away like a normal drunk person.

The drunken spell lasted about 48 hours. (ANI)

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