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London, March 18: Oxford English Dictionary has added curse words like "c***ed" and "c***ish" in their latest revision.

Popular words like "bestie", "scissor-kick", "wackadoodle", "crap shoot" "DIYer" and "bookaholic" are some other notable additions to the dictionary, the Daily Star reported.

Katherine Connor Martin, the OED's head of US dictionaries said that "wackadoo" and "wackadoodle" are elaborations of wacky, wack, or wacko, which are used to refer to people regarded as eccentric.

She added that the phrase "crap shoot" arose in American English in the late 19th century to refer to a game of dice (or 'craps') and the term has become very common in a figurative use, denoting a situation or undertaking regarded as uncertain, risky, or unpredictable.

Last year words like "selfie" and "s***storm" were among the words that were added to Oxford English Dictionary. (ANI)

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