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New York, March 10: A new research has revealed that millennials tend to stray away from political and religious affiliations, and buck other traditional life milestones like marriage.

66 per cent respondents don't claim to be "a religious person," turning their backs on the deeply-rooted faith of their forefathers, however, most Millennials pray as often as their parents' generation.

Only about 20 per cent millennials have tied the knot.

The Pew Research survey, which examined 18-33-year-olds in America beginning in 2006, revealed that millennials are by far the most independent generation, with almost half identifying as such (only 39 per cent of Gen Xers and 37 per cent of Boomers consider themselves independent).

According to the report, about half of the generation self-identifies as politically independent, with 27 per cent Democrat and just 17 per cent Republican. (ANI)

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