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Washington, Mar.22: Justin Bieber has been paying rent for his mother's secret L.A. mansion since 2012.

According to reports, one of Bieber's companies is handling the 8,000-dollar monthly rent.

However, the singer's mom Pattie Mallette got herself into some trouble over the 2,900 square foot house, reported.

Seems Pattie wanted to do some home improvement in her home gym but never got the permission of her landlord.

She had a mirror installed last summer, but didn't pay the bill. So the company that did the work has filed a lien against the property and her landlord was none too pleased.

The lien was for a modest 3,414 dollars, but Pattie thought she was being overcharged and refused to pay. Pattie settled up a week ago for around 2,600 dollars. (ANI)

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