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Sydney, Feb. 9: Schapelle Corby - an Australian woman convicted of drug smuggling in Indonesia, - is ready to lead a life as a free woman in Indonesia designing bikinis.

However, under her parole agreement she cannot leave Indonesia until July 2017. But Corby must run the gauntlet of sizeable media anger and an angry local reaction, including a call for the death penalty, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Corby was caught smuggling 4. 4 kg of cannabis in Bali, and was convicted for the offence on May 27, 2005.

Ahmad Yani, a member of the minority Islamic United Development Part, said that Corby deserved the death penalty, asserting that the country lost 50 children to drugs every day.

"Corby's freeing is highly offensive to society's sense of justice," ran an editorial in the newspaper Media Indonesia, a view that was also carried by Metro TV, a major news channel.

A close pal of the Corby family living in Bali said that "most definitely" there is going to be a celebration for her after she's released. (ANI)

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