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London, Feb 13: The age old British tradition of chivalry towards women seems to be fading among younger men, as more than half would drive past a stranded woman motorist with a flat tyre, a new survey has found.

But it could be that women have only themselves to blame.

Modern men are worried they would seem sexist for assuming a woman cannot change a tyre on her own, the survey revealed.

In the poll of 1,600 men, 52 percent admitted they would keep on driving if they spotted a woman motorist who had suffered a -puncture - despite feeling guilty about it, the Daily Express reported.

Older men were more likely to stop, however, only 31 percent of those aged 18 to 34 said they would pull over and assist.

But another reason younger men are reluctant to stop is ignorance of basic car maintenance, the poll found.

Many people under the age of 35 have grown up with cars with "run flat" tyres that do not need to be changed immediately after a puncture and can be driven for a few miles to a garage or tyre centre where someone will do it for them. (ANI)

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