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London, Feb. 25(ANI): Ben Saunders and his co-explorer Tarka L'Herpiniere took 105 days of trekking across the South Pole to complete the trek undertaken by Captain Scott's ill-fated 'Terra Nova' expedition of 1912.

In an interview with the Independent's Nick Duerden, Saunders said that the biggest challenge was to convince people about how extraordinary the feat was.

The pair trekked for 1800 miles for almost four months and completed the longest man-haul polar journey in history.

Saunders further added that most modern expeditions were simply artificial publicity stunts and their key motivation during the expedition was to explore human limits and to know just how much they were capable of.

Intel and Land Rover also helped the duo in the endeavour, when asked about the ball park figure, Saunder said that it was in seven figures. (ANI)

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