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Washington, Feb 8: In an attempt to help women all over the world love their body instead of being ashamed of it, an overweight woman from the US has started posting videos of herself dancing on YouTube.

The videos, which are a part of Whitney Thore's 'No Body Shame Campaign', have gone viral and people are supporting her full on, ABC News reported.

The 29-year-old on-air producer of 107.5 KZL in Greensboro, NC, said that she has struggled with body image and eating disorders her entire life, and she wanted to break down the stereotypes that fat people aren't talented or active or sexy or that they can't do anything.

Thore explained that she started dancing when she was just 4, but she suddenly gained 200 pounds in two years during college as a result of her polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Post-diagnosis, Thore quit dancing because she felt she didn't "deserve to," but, after a while she slowly began dancing again and realised that she loved her body the way it was.

Thore now hopes that women realise the love for their bodies exactly like she has.

Since she started posting her dancing videos online, Thor added that she has received thousands of messages from young women, old women, disabled people, people dealing with body issues, saying that she has changed their life. (ANI)

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