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London, Feb 6: A new documentary on child sex trade in the northeastern Brazilian city of Recife reveals that kids as young as nine are being sold on the streets for as less as 80p.

In the footage, compiled by Sky News, while one 12-year-old prostitute said that for 2.55 to 5.10 pounds she would allow men to take her home, to motels, or even to the local swamp for sex, another 17-year-old said that she became a prostitute aged 13, following in the path of 3 of her sisters.

Shedding more light on the horrific situation, Recife's child welfare officer Fernando Dias said that due to the high number of crack addicts in particular in the area, there are mothers who negotiate their children for the drug, for sex.

It is also worth noting that tourists travelling to Brazil for the World Cup have been warned that they should not indulge in illegal exploitation of children under the age of 18. (ANI)

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