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New York, February 15: A Manhattan judge has blasted Philip Seymour Hoffman's suspected drug dealer for being inconsistent about his claims about addiction.

Robert Vineberg had earlier claimed in court that he had a raging heroin addiction, before saying in an interview that he was nearly sober, the New York Post reported.

Supreme Court Justice Edward McLaughlin said that Vineberg claims he is clean, while the defense lawyer claims that he is in the throes of a decade or more long addiction and that some of the statements made on the 'apparent junkie's behalf are inconsistent.

McLaughlin challenged the defense's contention that the nearly 300 glassines of heroin seized at the jazz musician's Mott Street apartment were for personal use.

He added that the amount of drugs Vineberg had is off the charts and set the bail at 200,000 dollars bond over 40,000 dollars cash. (ANI)

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