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Melbourne, Feb 18: Former prostitute Divine Brown who was caught performing a sex act on Hugh Grant in 1995, has said that the actor will never settle down because he's got no self-control and gets bored of women.

Snapper Media tracked down Divine to her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, and asked the single mum for her take on the news he has had three love children in 15 months.

She said that she was shocked by the news, adding that Grant can't control himself at all.

She said that Grant will not be the guy who will sit down and be faithful to one woman.

Divine doesn't think Grant has learned anything since that infamous night 18 years ago, when he "aggressively" pursued her up Los Angeles's seedy Sunset Strip and paid her 50 dollars for oral sex.

The pair got stopped by cops who noticed the BMW because the break lights kept flashing. Grant was dating Liz Hurley at the time and she dumped him afterwards. (ANI)

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