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New York, Feb. 16: An Argentinean Christian theme park at Buenos Aires is bringing events from the Bible back to life.

The sprawling 17-acre park is a miniature holy city, complete with a fake palm trees, centurions, and a Wailing Wall. It takes visitors through 36 events in the Messiah's life for a small fee, the New York Daily News reported.

One of the main attraction is a 40-foot robo-Jesus, who rises and 'resurrects' from inside a mountain every hour. When he reaches the top, the robo closes his eyes and rotates his palms while Handel's "Messiah" plays in the background, after that he descends back into the grave.

According to Atlas Obscura, staff members dressed in Biblical-era robes mingle among the park's 500 plastic figures.

Visitors can also pose next to a plastic Judas at the Last Supper table or a Jesus that is being whipped by a Roman soldier. (ANI)

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