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Washington, Feb. 22: About 27 per cent of flight attendants have faced sexual harassment in some way or another.

The survey was conducted by Hong Kong-based Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) in partnership with the Hong Kong Flight Attendants Alliance (HKFAA), CNN reported.

The survey results are based on 392 responses to 9,000 questionnaires distributed between November 2013 and January 2014 among staff of the HKFAA's member airlines, including Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, British Airways and United Airlines.

Of survey respondents, 86 per cent were female and 14 per cent were male.

The report found about 27 per cent of the attendants (29 per cent female, 17 per cent of males) reported being sexually harassed while on-duty in-flight in the last one year.

Another finding of the report was that sexual harassment experienced was mostly in the form of physical contact, described as "patting, touching, kissing or pinching."

Sexual harassment's other forms also included lewd jokes, staring in a sexual way, showing obscene or pornographic materials and requests for sexual favors.

Report also said that about 59 per cent of sexual harassment came from customers, about 41 per cent from fellow workers, which included senior cabin crew and cockpit members. (ANI)

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