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London, Jan. 9: A new beer made by whale meat, which is set to launch in Iceland, has angered conservationists, with one group calling it "immoral and outrageous".

The 5.2 per cent beer has been produced to coincide with a mid-winter festival in Norse god Thor's honour, and its makers claim that people drinking it will become "true Vikings", the Independent reported.

The Icelandic brewery Steojar collaborated with the whaling company Hvalur to produce the beer, and said that using whale meal was "healthier" as it is low in sugar and fat but high in protein.

However, the bear has come under fire from the environmental group Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), which slammed Hvalur's "desperate hunt" for new markets for whale meat.

Brewery's owner Dagbjartur Ariliusson has confirmed that it was making the beer that will only be sold in Iceland during the midwinter month from 4 January to 22 February, and won't be exported.

The meal used in the beer is produced after whale meat is boiled down to extract oil. (ANI)

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