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New York, Jan. 26: A US-based company is helping restore and release old X-rated films for the home video and theatrical markets.

Vinegar Syndrome is planning to introduce the new gen to lost and forgotten films from the "golden age of American hard-core filmmaking," roughly 1969 to 1986.

According to Mark Rotenberg, who collects and sells pornographic material, the market for this kind of material is small but among collectors there is a fierce competition and strong desire to own, preserve and reclaim erotic history, the New York Times reported.

The Chisholm Larsson Gallery in Chelsea sells a few posters of this type a month, with average price of them being about 250 dollars, said owner Robert Chisholm.

Over the next year, the company is planning to restore and release some 40 DVDs, about 66 per cent of which are going to be vintage X-rated films.

Till now, the company has been able to acquire more than 1,000 X-rated films and over 5,000 industrial, educational and other such forgotten films. (ANI)

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