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Melbourne, Jan. 28: A British man who had been donated with a kidney from his wife, dumped her three years after the operation.

Samantha Lamb, who gave one of her kidneys to her husband to save his life, said that if she could turn back clock she would donate it to a more needy person, as the husband walked out on her three years after the life-saving operation.

Andy Lamb was suffering from renal failure and was on dialysis, when his wife Samantha convinced him to accept one of her kidneys, reported.

The 41-year-old underwent transplant operation in Oct er, 2009, after she lost enough weight to have the procedure.

After Andy, 45, got her kidney, he walked out on her nearly three years later in August, 2012.

One night, while working at Tesco, Samantha claims that Andy moved out of their home, and took the TV and stereo before posting the keys through the letterbox without a note or letter.

She claimed that the coupe's marriage fell apart as her former husband was cheating on her with her friend. (ANI)

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