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Melbourne, January 12: A suspected teenage drunk driver, who was arrested after crashing into a tree in Southern York County, was found with several things stashed up his bum.

Christopher Scheller, wasn't suspected of anything fishy, as nothing was found in his car's trunk, but when he was sent to the hospital for an X-ray for being in complete discomfort, it was found that he had a lot of things stuffed up his butt, reported.

It was found that the 18-year-old had four bracelets, four necklaces, 11 ladies rings, a socket wrench and a bag of synthetic marijuana in his ass.

After the cops investigated the weird "mountain of treasure", it was found that the items were stolen from a house in Heidelberg Township and Scheller stashed the objects inside his body to conceal them from the police.

He was charged with theft, receiving stolen property and driving while under the influence. (ANI)

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