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New York, Jan 14: Shia LaBeouf expressed his outrage over a joke made by Jim Carrey at his expense at the Golden Globe Awards.

Before introducing Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy nominee, Carrey said that LaBeouf once commented that dying is easy, while comedy is hard, the New York Post reported.

Carrey had poked fun at LaBeouf's recent mini-plagiarism scandal, in which he was called out for liberally borrowing from Daniel Clowes' graphic novella 'Justin M. Damiano' for his short film ''

The 27-year-old actor soon took to Twitter writing that if one explained Carrey that they have killed him, nobody will knows if it's real or not and that's why he is immortal.

He also posted a video from the Jane Carrey Band, a musical group fronted by Carrey's 26-year-old daughter.

Shortly afterward, he threw a more personal barb calling Carrey's parenting skills into question saying that atleast he doesn't get arrested for indecency on major LA highways or abandon love child.

But then, just as quickly as things had gotten out of hand, LaBeouf pulled an about face and apologized to Carrey. (ANI)

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