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London, January 3: The hunt for the recipe of an ice cream that was sold throughout the Word War II in Britain is now underway.

The Wicksteed ice creams were popular with Britons and continued to be sold after rationing ended well into the 1970s, with thousands of servings being produced every year, the Daily Express reported.

But when the equipment, that was used to make the special ice creams needed replacing, the production was stopped and the recipe has been lost.

Wicksteed Park, founded by Charles Wicksteed, has launched an archive project to capture the memories of generations of visitors and provide a detailed history of the many innovations such as the ice cream.

The archive project will try to identify and trace some of the key people featured on old photographs, who will be able to provide information and insights which have long since been forgotten.

The Wicksteed Park is looking forward to relaunch the ice cream to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the start of the war, in 2015. (ANI)

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