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Washington, Jan 6: Pensioners in Mpumalanga have been snapping up free condoms from clinics to rub them on their knees.

At an 'Outreach Towards 20 Years of Freedom' event, Candith Mashego-Dlamini, health and social development MEC said that they are taking condoms non-stop, because they believe that the jelly from the condoms are healing their knees, News 24 reported.

She added that they have sent the condoms to a laboratory to check if they heel knees or not and if the results prove that they work, they will put the gel in small containers for them and make an announcement on the radio.

Dr Eric Khumalo, a general practitioner specializing in treating patients with TB and HIV, has urged the elderly not to take the condoms because it's important that they are available for people who are sexually active.

He believes that the pensioners are finding relief because of the massage action and has suggested that they use affordable lubricants that are available to help ease joint pain. (ANI)

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