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London, Jan. 5: Michael Jackson's son Blanket has been named the writer and creator of a "deeply disturbing" cartoon series 'Kill Them All.'

Experts have described the four-minute films by Prince Michael II, who would be 12 next month, nicknamed Blanket, as "deeply disturbing."

The storyline has been billed as a silent stick-man action animation about a nameless boy who witnesses his father getting killed and, 12 years later, starts a one-man crusade to murder the people responsible, the Daily Star reported.

Recently, a source said that matriarch Katherine, 83, had not been aware of the macabre project, and had no idea, who paid the 10,000 pounds for the series to be produced and uploaded online.

The source said that this has caught her completely off guard, adding that she's very shaken by the theme, as this was a side of Blanket she never suspected was there. (ANI)

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