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Washington, Jan. 1: Reddit male users have revealed the "girly" that they would like to try without being judged on the same.

According to Huffington Post, lokiikol said that women can wear "masculine" clothing but the same can not be said for men in "feminine" clothing.

Another thing that men would like to try is ordering "girly drinks," Reddit user Dwarf -shortage said that for just once, he'd like to order yummy pink drinks having real fruit chunks that guys secretly like but aren't able to order as they'll be made fun of.

According to Emmy_Bee, men would also like to carry a purse.

Wearing yoga pants also scored big among men, with Baseballwiz saying that they've worn them in private before, and it feels like kittens hugging your legs.

Being able to show emotions without being branded as gay or a "p****," was also something that men would like to try without being judged. (ANI)

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