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London, January 28: A new study has revealed that the last meal choice of death row prisoners can reveal how innocent or guilty they feel.

Researchers from Cornell University have found that those who genuinely believe they are innocent are likely to eat substantially less, or avoid the meal altogether, while those who have accepted guilt ask for a third more calories in their final meal, the Daily Star reported.

Researcher Kevin Kniffin said that the fascination with 'last meals' offers a window into one's true consumption desires, in a situation where one's value of the future is close to zero.

Kniffin added that they created an empirical catalog of actual last meal requests of 247 individuals executed in the United States during a recent five-year period, and their analysis has revealed that the average last meal is calorically rich (2756 calories) and proportionally averages 2.5 times the daily recommended servings of protein and fat. (ANI)

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