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Washington, Jan 15: Amanda Bynes, who is trying to get back to normal and spend time with friends of her own age again, is frustrated that her parents won't let her go out yet, it has been revealed.

A source close to the actress told Radar Online that Bynes wants to hang out with her friends and go out and do regular things, but she is telling people that her parents won't let her out of the house for anything other than school and appointments.

The source added that she wants to be out doing normal stuff, like going to dinner and movies but she's been saying that she was told she couldn't.

As previously reported, on the advice of those around her, the actress cut ties with all of the old bad influences in her life after leaving rehab and has made a concerted effort to find new friends, so being told "no" by her parents has been difficult for the 27-year-old actress. (ANI)

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