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London, Dec. 22: Researchers have said that an average woman spends nearly 12 hours and four minutes every week fussing about their appearance.

The researchers said that this figure adds up to an incredible 627 hours and 28 minutes - almost an entire month in a year, the Daily Express reported.

The study of 2,000 women was conducted by Invista, owner of Lycra fabrics; they found that concerns include fear of being too fat or too thin, too bloated, having spotty skin, pale skin or frizzy hair.

The average woman also spends about 50 minutes a week picking dresses, and nearly one hour and 32 minutes, worrying whether she'll look good in the dress she's chosen.

About 90 per cent girls select an outfit that hides the parts of their body that they dislike.

The study also revealed that women take up to 39 minutes a week choosing their underwear. (ANI)

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