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London, Dec 6: A mysterious video has emerged on YouTube, which shows a glowing alien-like creature floating in the waters of Bristol Harbour.

The footage has caused a stir on social networking sites and even experts cannot agree on what the uploader, John Tombe has captured on camera.

Witnesses said that the squid-like being flashed brightly in the darkness for around half a minute before disappearing, the Independent reported.

Dr Steve Simpson, from the School of Biological Sciences at Bristol University, saw the footage and told the Bristol Post that it's very intriguing but he doesn't really know what to make of it.

He added that there is a possibility that it is a special type of jellyfish or a marine salp.

Dr Simpson said what makes it even more unusual is the fact that it showed up in the middle of a really busy area.

He, nonetheless, admitted the possibility that the mysterious object in the water could have been the work of an inventive prankster, saying it was either a very interesting animal or someone's interpretation of a marine creature.

While Daniel De Castro, the curator of the Bristol Aquarium said that he doesn't think it's alive and on seeing pictures, he thinks it must be entirely artificial. (ANI)

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