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New Delhi, December 15: Every child gets influenced by their peers and parents should learn how to help them in those situations.

According to Parents India Magazine, parents should help the child listen to his intuition and make him understand that if he does not feel comfortable about a situation or an activity, then it is not wrong to keep himself away from it.

A child should be able to make decisions on his own, be self-reliant and should learn more about his inner self.

Parents should equip their child to plan for the possible 'pressure' situations and make him realize the importance of deciding ahead of time.

A child should know the importance of saying no and parents should encourage their little ones to make friends with people who feel the same way as he does and should ask him choose friends who will speak up for him in need and never turn their backs.

Lastly, it is very important for the child to know that he will be never alone and that he will always have the support of his parents and shouldn't hesitate to ask for help. (ANI)

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