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Washington, Dec. 14: A Harvard Professor has said that the question over Santa Claus being white doesn't make any sense as he doesn't exist.

Laura Nasrallah, an expert on the New Testament and early Christianity, said this in response to an outrage after Fox host Megyn Kelly said on her show, this Wednesday, that both Santa Claus and Jesus were white.

Nasrallah said that although contemporary depictions of Santa Claus may look a certain way, Santa as a character came from actual Saint Nicholas, from the fourth century.

She said that Nicholas was born into a family that probably considered themselves to be ethnically Greek but in an area that is now known as Turkey, asserting that a category like 'white' cannot be imported into 4th century Asia minor, Politico reported.

Nasrallah said that the historical Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus character are not the same thing; asserting that as the mythical Santa isn't real, he doesn't have a race. (ANI)

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