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New Delhi, Dec 3: Look like a diva when you hit the dance floor on New Year's eve. Take charge by getting your hands on eyeliner, eye shadow, blush and other make-up tools.

Navyata Malkani from FOMO - Fashion on my Own by Grazing Goat Digital - shares make-up tricks to do it yourself:

- Apply face primer all over your face to set the base.

- Use a concealer to hide blemishes.

- Take an eye primer, apply it all over your eyelid to prevent it from creasing.

- Follow it up with a black eyeliner pencil, by lining your upper water line. This will make your lashes look voluminous.

- With the same eyeliner pencil, apply a little on your upper lash line. Then with an angled brush, extend it to make a flick.

- Apply a light gold eye shadow on your eyelids.

- Then use a white eye shadow to highlight your brow bone.

- Next is to apply a bronze eye shadow on the outer and inner crease, leaving the centre untouched. Blend it a little to soften the look.

- Then apply dark brown eye shadow on the same areas to add some depth. And then blend again.

- Use black liquid eyeliner over the pencil liner for a bolder look.

- After that take a white liquid eye liner and apply it under the black flick.

- Next use the same black liquid eye liner and apply it under the white flick.

- Then apply brown eye shadow along the lower lash line to give it a more subtle look.

- Take mascara and apply lots of coats.

- And then with some lash glue, stick crystals underneath the wing just for some fun and bling.

- Moving on to the face, touch up everything with a translucent powder.

- Then take a bronzer and apply it to contour your cheeks and highlight your cheek bones.

- Next, apply a peach blush on the apples of your cheeks.

- And finish it with a shade of red on the lips.


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