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Washington, Dec. 12: Magna Carta's only exiting copy in America has been showcased in a new museum exhibit at the National Archives along with other documents, images, films showing the evolution of US rights and freedoms for African-Americans, women and immigrants.

In 1215, Magna Carta was used as a declaration of rights to King John as a way to oppose monarchy, Fox News reported.

When the charter was reissued in 1297 under King Edward I, four copies were made but only one survived.

There are total 17 surviving original copies of the document, 15 are in the UK and one is displayed at Australia's parliament.

Philanthropist David Rubenstein bought the historic document at a 2007 auction for 21 million dollars and donated 13.5 million dollars to fund Magna Carta's conservation.

Rubenstein said that he wanted to keep the document, which was formerly owned by billionaire Ross Perot, from leaving the country.

Rubenstein added that the archives now have three of the most important documents in Western civilization - the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the attached Bill of Rights and the Magna Carta. (ANI)

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