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Washington, Dec. 16: If you believe that finding the right partner will ensure that the two of you will remain in love for the rest of your lives without any effort, then you are highly mistaken.

According to, author Russ Harris has debunked some biggest myths that can destroy marriages, in his book 'ACT with Love'.

First of all, there is no such thing as 'the perfect partner' because even the best of partners will have qualities that we don't like, and will be missing some of the qualities that we would prefer to have.

Believing that your partner will 'complete' you and have all the qualities that you lack yourself is also a far-fetched goal.

Relying on the make believe 'power of true love' to sweep you and your partner past any difficulties in the relationship is also wrong because when two people spend a lot of time together conflict, arguments, and complications are bound to arise.

Lastly, how you work through conflict with your partner will determine the strength, depth and longevity of your relationship rather than thought of everlasting love. (ANI)

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