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Mumbai, Dec 11: Producer-director Ramanand Sagar's grandson Akash Chopra, who made his acting debut with "Rabba Main Kya Karoon" under his father Amrit Chopra's direction, has now helmed a short film.

Just months after his disastrous debut, Akash has sprung a surprise by making a thought-provoking, haunting and topical short film entitled "The Interrogation Of Kartaar Singh".

Recreating an incident from the Khalistan movement of the Sikh community, Akash gives a riveting performance in the title role and manages to create a powerhouse aura in just 13 minutes.

The shy young actor said: "I guess that angry Kartaar Singh was there inside me. He couldn't come out in my debut film. This short film is a shock to those who don't know what happened during the anti-Sikh riots in 1984."

Since the film's content is volatile, Akash plans to send his short film to international film festivals.

"It's a little abstract in its cinematic appeal. Those who saw me in my debut film can't believe that's me as Kartaar Singh. This is definitely a new side to my personality, and it was challenge to bring Kartaar Singh out."

Talking about the project, he said: "It was a play that I did around two years ago. The honest intention at the outset was to simply give the play a cinematic treatment. But as we shot it, the film became very different from the play."


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