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Washington, Dec. 12: A majority of Americans are reportedly opposed to the idea of aviation authorities allowing cellphone use during flights, a new study has revealed.

The Associated Press-GfK poll found that 48 percent of Americans oppose allowing cellphones to be used for voice calls while flying, while just 19 percent support it.

According to CBS News, among those who have taken more than one flight in the past year, 59 percent have expressed dissent for allowing calls on planes, while those who have flown for four or more times, the number increases to 78 percent.

The report said that most Middle East airlines and a few in Asia and Europe already allow voice calls on planes, but Delta Air Lines is the only airline to explicitly state that it won't allow voice calls, as it could lead to fights between passengers.

The survey further revealed that 43 percent of Americans take a favorable view of the lifting of the ban on personal electronic devices by the FAA, the report added. (ANI)

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