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Los Angeles, Oct 18: Oscar winner Tom Hanks says he is an emotional person and that he weeps too much when he is alone.

In a recent interview, the "Captain Phillips" actor has confessed that he gets deeply affected by certain incidents even though he may put up a brave front in public, said a statement.

"I weep over much. I'm a sappy guy. I weep over human connections that are somehow reflective of this tenuous place we all have in this world. That's where I find myself getting emotional," Hanks said.

"I must say that I'm a great audience for anything that is going to pull at the heartstrings," he added.

The versatile actor says emotions get the best of him when he's alone.

"I'm not a big guy for weeping in public except when I have to give speeches sometimes. But when I'm alone, and something gets me, I can really be gone. There's something about being connected to someone else's story - that can make the emotions get the best of you," he said.

His latest movie "Captain Phillips" released in India Friday.

In the film, he plays Captain Richard Phillips, a real life hero, who was heralded for his heroic actions after Somali pirates attacked his ship, the Maersk Alabama in 2009. Hanks was emotionally drawn to the story.


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