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London, August 27: Sir Michael Caine has denied reports that he suggested that his best friend Sir Sean Connery, was suffering from Alzheimer's disease, claiming that the reports are all "bulls***" and completely preposterous.

The veteran actor was allegedly quoted in a German paper, saying that one must have serious concerns for Connery, the Mirror reported.

The 'Batman Begins' star admitted that he did some interviews over in Germany for a new film, but he can only assume someone has twisted his words.

Caine said that he hasn't seen Connery for a couple of years, but he spoke to him on the phone on his birthday and he was very well.

Caine said that Connery was his usual self and in complete control of his senses.

He said that the reports regarding Connery having Alzheimer's are just nonsense and he has no idea where they are getting it from.

Connery's rep also dismissed the report as "silly", adding the Caine was just misquoted. (ANI)

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