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London, July 11: Mothers now-a-days feel like they have let down their families if they are not making meals from scratch every night, a new study has revealed.

The research has piled the guilt on working mothers who already fuss about the fact that they are not doing enough for their kids, the Independent reported.

According to Maxine Woolhouse, a lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University, who conducted the research, rising obesity rates among children compounds the problem.

Woolhouse told the publication that mums, who can't cook from scratch due to practical reasons or because they don't want to, feel like they're failing.

She said that they are blamed for storing up future health problems.

She asserted that most mothers want to provide the best diet they can for their children.

Woolhouse insisted that due to contemporary culture, the healthiest diet is now seen as being 'cooked from scratch' with food you have grown yourself.

She added that for many working mothers, this is simply unachievable.

The findings will be presented at the British Psychological Society's annual Psychology of Women conference. (ANI)

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