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Los Angeles, May 14: Singer Ed Sheeran has slammed naysayers who talk about friend Taylor Swift's love life.

Sheeran is also said to be in the list of people who Swift has dated but the former says that a lot of things about her love life is a misconception, reports

"The rumour that she dates a lot of people is a misconception, because in the time that I've known her, which has been almost two years now, she has dated two people. Fact. And in her entire life, I think she's dated around five or six people," Sheeran told OK magazine.

The singer was not hesitant to admit that such gossip about Swift upsets him.

"I don't like when people take shots at her because I do know her personally, and I think people get the wrong end of the stick," he said.

"She's so successful, and she's so nice and sweet to everyone that she meets, there is nothing bad to say but she was being pictured with a lot of dudes," he added.


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