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Mumbai, April 4: The Playboy girl, Sherlyn Chopra has no inhibitions to flaunt her beautiful curvy body with elan, and to share it with the whole world. Something similar happened which resulted in a bitter relationship between her and film maker. Sherlyn put on the internet a few pictures from the promos of “Kamasutra 3D” without asking for any prior permission of producers.

This was a violation of agreement by Sherlyn and due to this director Rupesh Paul was not happy with the bombshell. But now they have patched up and will be starting the next leg of shooting in Rajasthan, March onwards. Rupesh says the video which Sherlyn uploaded was just a screen test and Sherlyn had promised him not to share it, but to keep it with herself safely.

Since the film is produced by Hollywood production, they are very strict about their terms and conditions. But now as per Rupesh’s statement, Sherlyn has given it in writing that she wont be doing anything to promote the film without prior consent of the film makers. Sherlyn Chopra commented that in future she wont be doing anything solely out of passion but diligently too, keeping other’s best interest in mind always. Right now she is looking forward to continue shooting of the movie.

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