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London, Apr 15: Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand's infamous prank call has been named as one of the top ten radio moments of all time.

The Radio 2 stunt, when the duo left smutty messages on actor Andrew Sachs' answering machine in 2008, was placed at sixth position in a list that was compiled by Sony, the Sun reported.

The top ten radio moments are:

1. Winston Churchill's 1940 "Fight them on the beaches" speech.

2. Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" oration in 1963.

3. 1985's Live Aid concert.

4. HG Wells' play 'The War of the Worlds,' which many US listeners in 1938 thought was a genuine alien invasion.

5. Coverage of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

6. The Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand prank.

7. King George VI's stutter-free speech to the British Empire in 1939.

8. Chris Moyles' record-setting marathon show from 2011.

9. DJ Mike Read for hurling Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "obscene" single Relax across his studio.

10. Moyles' 2010 pay rant. (ANI)

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