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New York, Mar 9: In what may seem like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds', more than 100 vultures have invaded an upscale New Jersey suburb, taking up residence in backyards, trees and on roofs.

Residents of the Mar insville section of Bridgewater, about 30 miles west of Newark, have grown spooked by the infestation and are considering some unconventional methods in trying to shoo away the birds, the New York Daily News reported.

A resident said that he first started to notice the birds about two years ago, but now there are many more.

Vultures are large and sharp-beaked, but generally harmless, birds that are known to scavenge the carcasses of dead animals. And they aren't entirely foreign to New Jersey.

Vultures have been spotted in the fall before in some areas, roosting in trees overnight. But they've never been seen in such great numbers.

A biologist said that the solution is to hang dead vulture carcasses upside down around town.

The residents said that they noticed the vultures arrive in large numbers not too long after Hurricane Sandy. (ANI)

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