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London, Mar h 23: A Canadian man, who spent three years scratching an itch on his back, was left stunned when he was told that he had a knife lodged in his back.

Doctors discovered a three-inch blade in a lump that Billy McNeely had since he was stabbed five times in a fight, three years back, the Mirror reported.

McNeely, who has done some jail time in the past, said that after the stabbing his doctors stitched him without taking out X-Rays.

He said that every time a guard rubbed a metal wand detector over him, it use to go off.

The 32-year-old finally decided to get it looked at, after he scratched his back and his fingernail got caught on something.

His girlfriend Stephanie Sayine told CBC News that she had earlier told McNeely that a knife was sticking from his back. (ANI)

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