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Washington, Mar 11: The father of a 7-year-old boy, who was suspended from Anne Arundel County School for chewing his breakfast pastry into a gun's shape, filed a formal appeal on Thursday, asking that his school records should be cleared of the charges.

The appeals addressed to Anne Arundel Superintendent Kevin M. Maxwell and Park Elementary School Principal Sandy Blondell said that the chewed pastry was not capable of harming anybody, even if thrown and could not fire any missile either.

According to the appeal, the son of William "B.J." Welch was suspended on Mar h 1 for two days after chewing his breakfast bar, akin to a Pop-Tart, and yelling, "Look I made a gun," and aiming the pastry at students in a hallway and those at nearby desks, the Washington Post reported.

After the suspension, Welch worries that if his son's records are not cleaned off the words such as "gun," it could be damaging as the boy grows up.

The appeal said that the boy was accused of classroom disruption, although it was during a breakfast period with no teaching and the child's classmates were eating the same breakfast bars and recognized "the pastry as a pastry and not a gun.

The appeal further added that the second-grader's offense was a "Level 3 violation" and that the school said the boy was seeking "peer attention" and "power control."

But Welch's lawyer said in the appeal that it was the worst possible interpretation as the boy was simply playing, as all kids his age do. (ANI)

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