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London, Feb 9: A restaurant in Beijing, which was hoping to tempt English-speaking tourists in for their Chinese-Korean delicacies, found that their cuisine was hopelessly lost in translation.

The Dou Man Jing restaurant in the Dong Cheng area of Beijing realised that there was a problem after tourists started giggling over their quirky menu.

A worried waitress at the Dou Man Jing restaurant said that the garbled translations were a serious issue for business, the Daily Mail reported.

She told The National that they had several youth hostels nearby and needed that their menu to be clear for foreigners to understand.

The restaurant has taken decisive action it's 'DPRK's Greatly Miscellaneous,' which is a salad, has been removed from the menu, as has the noodle soup 'Warm Surface.'

They have been renamed 'North Korea's Big Lift' and 'Isotherm.' (ANI)

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