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Mumbai, Jan 29: Heartthrob of millions of fans, Ranbir Kapoor says there are a lot of people who are behind an actor’s terrific performance onscreen, but these great people’s talents are often unnoticed, they are the unsung heros. And it is the actors who walk away down the aisle with all accolades. Ranbir Kapoor went to attend a special event at the acting school of Anupam Kher and there he said all these. He says behind the screen for a film, people like writer, director, cinematographer, music composer, lighting, makeup artists are there.

Ranbir won compliments from one and all for playing the role of a deaf and mute guy in “Barfi!” film. He says to do a sad scene or a happy scene, he does not need to do anything hard, he just sits and it’s the camera moving towards him, and a sad song is played behind which makes the audience think, he has done a terrific job.

Similarly, for happy scenes, a merry tune is played in the background with him in the centre and camera moving towards him, people will say he is doing a wonderful work. Obviously Ranbir Kapoor is the next big thing in B-Town, and he is currently shooting for the movie “Besharam” by Abhinav Kashyap.

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