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New York, Jan ary 3: The bikini's days appear to be numbered as the itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny two-piece is no longer the automatic weapon in a woman's beach wardrobe after celebs and designers are celebrating maillots - the one-piece swimsuit with nary a bikini in sight.

According to fashion experts, this means that New York women will be flocking to hot spots in the upcoming winter months are more likely than ever to turn to the one-piece to make waves.

ArteMare co-founder and designer Quentin Smith says that nowhere is the adage "what goes around, comes around" more true than with women's apparel, the New York Post reported.

He says maillot mania is most likely due to "the 1950s pin-up resurgence we're seeing in many areas of women's fashion."

Just like big labels, contemporary and more youth-centric designers like Wildfox. We are Handsome and Roxy are adding colourful versions of the full-on bathing suit to their repertoires.

Designers are only too happy to oblige customers seeking this new kind of swimwear chic.

New versions of the tank suit aren't exactly a return to modesty. Designers are spicing up their offerings by showing suits with plunging necklines, strategic cutouts and down-to-there zippers. Hahn says tank suits in siren-red hues or colourblock prints, along with ruched ones that hide flaws, are best sellers.

Some lines, like Threads and Fins' aptly named Minimale Animale, leave little to the imagination.

The one-piece has been overshadowed by its itsy-bitsy counterpart, the bikini, ever since it was invented by French engineer Louis Reard in 1946 and named for the infamous nuclear testing site Bikini Atoll.

It immediately caused ripples at Cannes and Hollywood, with bikinis covering - sometimes just barely - the enviable assets of pin-ups from the '40s and '50s like Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe and, then later, '60s sex goddesses like Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot.

But in the decades that followed, the one-piece made a comeback, propelled by athletic supermodels like Cheryl Tiegs and Cindy Crawford, and blonde beauties like Bo Derek in "10." (ANI)

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