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New York, Jan ary 3: A man from New York has achieved his "100-jobs-in-a-year challenge" after he was hired as a correspondent for NBC's 'New Year's Eve with Carson Daly'.

Dave Herman rang in 2013 as a correspondent for NBC's New Year's Eve show. It was his 100th job of 2012. Previous gigs included working with R.L. Stine, dog-walking and passing out flyers. Next, the funnyman is petitioning for Kevin Bacon to take him to lunch.

Minutes before the ball dropped on New Year's Eve, Dave Herman stood in a frigid, jam-packed Times Square, gripping a microphone and staring into the camera, the New York Daily News reported.

He had just seconds of on-screen banter with "The Office" actress Angela Kinsey before it was back to Carson Daly - but a moment was all he needed.

The 27-year-old schlepped through 100 different jobs during 2012, from distributing flyers to data entry to telling fortunes.

He was a dog-walker one day, a bartender the next. Each job was chronicled on his blog,

Herman, a self-described actor, producer and writer, came up with the 100 jobs challenge when he realized he was swamped with freelance work in late 2011.

He used temp agencies and the Internet to find work, and eventually word of mouth helped secure even more gigs.

The over-experienced Herman is launching another creative project in March, called 10,000 Kevins. (ANI)

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