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London, Jan 10: MTV has reportedly been blasted by the advertising watchdog for airing a raunchy advertisement of reality show 'The Valleys,' at the time when children could have been watching.

The Advertising Standards Authority slammed MTV for airing the trailer of the Welsh reality show- which featured a girl clutching her bare bum, a woman jiggling her breasts and two girls riding a sheep- before 7.30pm, when children could have been watching the popular music channel, the Sun reported.

The ad, which revolved around a house party, also showed girls licking a guy's nipples and a woman rubbing foam into another girl's boobs.

The trailer concluded with a voiceover, which said, "The harder they party, the harder they fall. Will they make it in Cardiff, or will they just end up back in the valleys? Brand new reality, coming soon to MTV."

ASA, who received many complaints about the adult trailer, said that many of the interactions between individuals at the party were depicted with a sexual element and that they considered that the overall tone of the ad was sexual.

It also warned MTV that the ad must not appear again in its current form before 7.30pm. (ANI)

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